We created Stone Development Group as a Christ-following real estate development firm whose sole existence is for the betterment of people. We aim to build up our partners, strive for better, and live life.


Literally and figuratively – we build up structures and people. Stone Development Group designs, develops and constructs quality, innovative buildings with solid, dependable infrastructure while building purpose and structure in people. Purpose is the reason to get up every day. To know that what we do matters. To know that we are leaving a positive mark on this world. Structure gives us framework through education and experience with a support system to interact with the world locally, regionally and globally. 


We strive to be better in all we do – better processes, better people, better results, better projects and better lives. We are not here to be average. We are not here to be the status quo. Our journey for improvement will never end, but we will continuously strive to make whatever and whomever we touch better.


We live life. Life is not working without purpose at a job you dislike. Life is not spending time away from people you love and care about. Life is freedom. Having the freedom to take care of the financial needs of investors, employees, clients and strangers. Having the freedom to be able to spend quality time with family and friends. But it is also about giving life. Giving life to others by giving time and resources to those who will never be able to give back. That is life.