Guy and I recently had an opportunity to hit the road and visit some of his previous projects in Texas.  We headed South on 130 and eventually veered off through Lockhart on our way to Shiner, Texas, to visit the new Subway on 7th Street.  

Situated on 7th Street it is doors away from the old Opera House with views of the famed Spoetzl Brewery.  This Subway became the first franchised business to enter Shiner in decades and is owned and operated by a local family.  Stone Development worked with the investors to champion this project in City Hall to maintain the heritage of the building while meeting the stringent specification of the Subway franchise.  

We had one more stop to make on the way back to Austin.  Lunch at Goss BBQ at the Diamond A in Belmont, Texas was on the menu.  As we passed through Gonzales, Texas, we stayed on Highway 90 of the short drive to Belmont where situated at the Southwest corner is the Diamond A.  The Diamond A was designed to handle large trucks and commuters with careful thought put into traffic flow and parking.  The gem of the Diamond A is inside.  It is home, to Goss BBQ.  They are serving up tasty BBQ from brisket to tender ribs and a smoked cheese burger.  But the real treat is the daily homemade desserts being dished out by Momma Goss herself.  

Stone Development pulled alongside the owners and family to help complete this project.   Working with lender and the contractors, Stone ensured the project stayed on budget and on-time.

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